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vehicle requirements

  • Well maintained show quality vehicles. Paint & chrome must be presentable and complete.

  • Primered vehicles are acceptable, but must be all one color and clean primer.

  • Part primer, part paint is NOT acceptable, nor is mismatched painted body parts with the exception of "Patina" (aged look) vehicles approved by organizers. Exceptions will be made for Rat Rods approved by organizers.

  • Body damage, visible rust, broken glass or torn or unfinished upholstery is NOT acceptable.

  • All drive in vehicles must be street legal.

  • Trailering non street legal, un-registered cars is acceptable BUT they must arrive to the show on a trailer. 

  • Upon inspection of pre-registered vehicle, organizers reserve the right to revoke registration. If revoked, fee will be refunded within three weeks after the event.

  • Exceptions for minor items may be made at the discretion of the show producers.

  • Vehicles activating hydraulics and/or air bags; open headers (other than contest times), flames from exhaust; obscene or offensive artwork, signs, stickers, etc are prohibited.

  • No "For Sale" signs are allowed. Discreet decal/paint is allowed.

  • No unauthorized bicycles, skateboards, golf carts, scooters or motorized carts allowed on the show/event site.


  1. ​This event will take place rain or shine.

  2. There will be vehicle inspection/clearance staff available outside Driver’s Alley day of the event. If your vehicle does not meet requirements it will not be allowed on show grounds and refunds will be granted.

  3. ZERO TOLERANCE – NO burnouts, open headers, use of air bags or hydraulics allowed.

  4. All Guests Shall:

    • Be respectful to all other guests, fans, participants, event officials.

    • Not willfully and maliciously disturb or interfere with a guest(s)/employee(s) enjoyment of the event.

    • Show their ticket/wristband/badge or other applicable credential when requested. Ensure wristband is visible and easily recognized at all times.

    • Drink alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner.  Intervention with an impaired or intoxicated guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner. Drunk and disorderly guests will be removed from the event immediately.

    • Fighting of any sort will constitute immediate removal.

    • Refrain from using offensive language, making obscene gestures, wearing obscene or indecent clothing, throwing projectiles of any kind and possessing prohibited items.

    • Not wear clothing which contains profanity or any clothing, accessories, or regalia that conveys membership in, affiliation with, support of, or association with a criminal street gang (criminal street gang as defined in Penal Code 186.22(f) or other similarly oriented group or association prone to violence, criminal acts, or hate and racially biased based beliefs.

    • Refrain from displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting.

    • Never enter the backstage area, or interfere with the progression of the event in any fashion.

    • Comply with the direction and instructions of event/venue staff.

    • Not solicit money or contributions for any purpose.

    • Refrain from any other conduct deemed by the venue to be inappropriate to the peace and good order of the festival.

  • All handouts, materials, signs or symbols visible to guests of MuscleKingz should have authorization by event officials.  Without proper authorization, subjects may be asked to leave the event by Event Staff.

  • Illegal items will confiscate and turned over to the police.  

  • If a guest is found inside the venue with a prohibited item, the item will be confiscated and the guest may be ejected from the festival/facility.

  • Prohibited Items:  Guests who are in possession of prohibited items may be refused entry.

    • NO ins and outs of the show allowed

    • NO lawn/camping chairs in the Concert Area, blankets only.

    • NO outside food, beverages or alcohol 

    • NO ice chests or coolers 

    • NO E-Z Ups/pop up tents or umbrellas

    • NO professional cameras/lenses, video cameras or video recording equipment

    • NO glass/glass containers

    • NO knives/weapons

    • NO fireworks/explosives

    • NO scooters (allowed with ADA Permit)

    • NO pets (Service animals are acceptable with proper identification)

    • NO displaying of banners and merchandise.  Only VIP registered drivers are permitted to display

    • NO Colors, patches, vest, logos, hats or any apparel with gang affiliations are not allowed to be displayed.


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